Destination net unreachable

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Destination net unreachable

Post by Hawkeye-de-la-Huron »

Time Warner email started having a stroke, and I did a PING that resulted in "Requested Net Unreachable." I did a TRACERT that resulted in "13 * * reports: Destination net unreachable." A cold reboot of the modem and router did no good. A chat with TW blamed my Outlook, which I interpret as the old Down The Primrose Path treatment. So, with no Network Status Information from TW, what would be my next step for concrete answers? I'm contemplating going to ARIN with the last IP and calling the results, except they may be the NSA.
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How to Fix Ping Destination Net Unreachable Error?

Post by abram »

Hi.. Can you please help me to configure my router? It's TP-Link Archer. Every time I use my router and ping the default gateway. It says Destination Net Unreachable. I'm using a Broadband Connection. Please help me. Thanks.
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Pinging Absolute domain Name Results Destination Net Unreachable

Post by Hamza-Farooq »

If pinging an FQDN resolves to an IP (a.a.a.a), why then would the ping results show a different reply IP address (b.b.b.b) with "destination net unreachable"?

It also happens when I try pinging the resolved ip (a.a.a.a) directly, and the replies from the ip (b.b.b.b) address with the result "destination net unreachable".

But, if I ping the IP address (b.b.b.b) directly, I get a good response.

*scratches head confused*
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What Are The Reasons For a Ping Destination Net Unreachable Error Message?

Post by Alex George »

Destination Net Unreachable error tells the ping packets from your computer failed to find a route to the remote network.

It can happen due to multiple reasons.
  1. Network configuration error

    Due to the wrong network configuration, the ping packets fail to find a valid path to the destination network.
  2. Wrong Windows hosts file entries

    Remove any entries on the Windows hosts file on your PC.
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