Delete All Google Chat Photos Sent In a Single Click

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Stephy Johnson
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Delete All Google Chat Photos Sent In a Single Click

Post by Stephy Johnson »

Hi Alex

I read your blog post on deleting photos shared on Google Chat. Good post.

I have a slightly different question. I want to know how to remove all the photos I sent to a Google chat friend over a long time.

Suppose, I have been chatting with a Google Chat friend for the past eleven months. I must have shared a minimum of two hundred photos over the last eleven months.

Checking each photo separately and deleting them manually is almost an impossible task. Can you tell me a way to delete all the photos in a single click?
Stanly Thomas
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Finding All Photos Uploaded to My Google Chat History

Post by Stanly Thomas »

Google Hangouts had an option to delete all uploaded images in a single click. I do not know whether Google Chat has the same feature.
Aleena Mathew
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Can I Delete All Photos Sent By me In google Chat in a single click?

Post by Aleena Mathew »

Yes, another failure from the Google Family. I hate the latest Google Chat version for missing a feature to delete all photos uploaded in a single click feature.
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Group Photo Deletion in Google Chat

Post by xavior »

Google Chat is definitely a downgrade from Google Hangouts. It misses many good features.

Google Chat Is Taking Too Much Time to Load on Desktop PC

Check the above topic to read about another problem.
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