How to Detect RAM Module Defects Earlier?

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How to Detect RAM Module Defects Earlier?

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I had to replace the RAM on my laptop due to a manufacturing defect. It's painful to work on a laptop with a defective RAM module.

Is there any method to check for manufacturing defects in a RAM module before it shows the performance problem?
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Check RAM Module Health With Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

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You can check the RAM modules on your laptop with memory diagnostic tools for possible defects even before showing symptoms.

I use the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool to detect any issues with RAM modules on my PC.

Type Windows Memory Diagnostic in the Windows Search box. Click on Open as administrator.

Type the Windows password and open the App.

Give the App enough permission to run it on your laptop. Windows Memory Diagnostic App will check your computer for memory problems.

Click the Restart Now and check for problems option to execute the App.

Your laptop will reboot. Then open the Event Viewer and check the Memory Diagnostic Tool result for possible RAM problems.
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