Google Chat is Not Showing Images

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Google Chat is Not Showing Images

Post by jmcu »

I have been confused with a strange problem. I cannot see photos shared by my friends over Google Chat.

When I open Google Chat, all pictures look like blank photos. When I click the photo, nothing loads.

The same issue repeats when I send images to my Google Chat contacts. They can see the photos, but I cannot view them.
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GChat Not Loading Photo Previews

Post by siva »

I also have the same problem with Google Chat Messenger. Me and my friend cannot see the photos shared over GChat. Not even the photo previews are not loading.

I have uploaded the screenshot. You can see by yourselves.


My friend sent me a photo, but the Google chat is blocking the preview. Nothing happens if I click the picture.


It is another screenshot. Is it for everyone?

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Google chat images do not display on Desktop Firefox

Post by Bekal »

I had this problem when I logged into my Gmail account with the Firefox browser (in private browsing mode). Google Chat did not show the photos shared by my contacts. However, it worked on my Google Chat app on my Android phone.
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Google Chat Image previews not loading

Post by Alex George »

It is a Google Chat bug. They have confirmed it. Read the official Google chat support reply.

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