Increase RAM Using USB Drive In Windows 11

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Increase RAM Using USB Drive In Windows 11

Post by Yashika »

Question - How To Increase RAM Using USB Drive In Windows 11?

I upgraded my Windows 10 laptop to Windows 11, but now showing a lagging problem.

After discussing with a friend, he told me my laptop does not have enough RAM to run Windows 11. I believe his point and plan to buy a new RAM.

In the meantime, I want to increase the virtual RAM with a pen drive. How can I use a pen drive as RAM in Windows 11?
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Re: Increase RAM Using USB Drive In Windows 11

Post by alex »

You can use a Pen Drive to create a virtual RAM module for a Windows computer. Windows 11 supports Virtual RAM (ReadyBoost technology) and helps boost the speed of old laptops. Let me explain how to create a virtual RAM for your laptop with a USB Pen Drive.
  1. Connect a free pen drive to your Windows 11 laptop.
  2. Right-click the USB drive and click properties.
  3. Select ReadyBoost from the menu.
  4. Select use this drive and click the apply button.

Now, your laptop will add the pen drive as a virtual RAM module. It will speed up the device.
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Create Virtual Memory to Increase RAM in windows 11

Post by Babita »

We can create Virtual Memory using Pen Drive on Windows computers. This Dell tutorial explains the process very well.

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