View older versions of a website

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View older versions of a website

Post by James-Molly »

I joined a new company as a web designer. My first task is to design a new template for my company website that follows the legacy of its older versions.

There is a problem. Our company website has had multiple versions over the past sixteen years.

Is there any tool to check the older versions of my company website?
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Re: View older versions of a website

Post by alex »

You can check older designs and looks of a website with the help of Wayback Machine. This tool is also called Internet Archive. Visit the link below and type the URL of the website.

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Click the Browse History button. It will show you the older captured photos of that website's older versions.
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Re: View older versions of a website

Post by KE JIA »

Web Achive is a very helpful tool.
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Re: View older versions of a website

Post by Leo »

It is a very good tool. Thank you for sharing.
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How to see old Website Versions?

Post by ron »

WebCite is another tool to check for archived web pages. We can search for a website or ULR from their database with the exact date range.

Visit the following link to open WebCite and search for the older web content by providing the URL.

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