How to Reset BIOS Login Password?

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How to Reset BIOS Login Password?

Post by sam »

Is there any way to recover a forgotten BIOS password? I set a login password to protect the BIOS entry last year.

Now, it seems I cannot recall the password. Whenever I try to log in, BIOS asks for the password, and I try all the possible combinations.

Till now, none of them have worked. The only option left is to reset the old BIOS password. Can you give the step-by-step instructions to reset the old BIOS password?
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Reset BIOS Login Password by Changing Cmos Jumper

Post by alex »

To regain access to the locked BIOS, either reset the BIOS password or use a backdoor password.

You can find a BIOS backdoor password from your laptop manufacturer.

If they do not provide it, the next option is to reset the BIOS password.

To reset the BIOS password, open the system cabinet.

Check the system board for the 2-pin jumper plug name PSWD. Move it to CMOS jumper pins and power on the device.

Wait for 20 seconds and power off the device. Now, place the pin back into the old password jumper.
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Get Dell and HP CMOS and BIOS Master Password

Post by Thomas »

I got my Dell bios master password and Hard Drive (HDD) master password from the Dell service center. Customer service centers for HP, Compaq, Fujitsu, Acer, Advent, ASUS, Gateway, Sony, and Samsung laptops and desktops will give the BIOS master key to their original customers.

Send your Dell model and service tag to the Dell service center. They will email back your bios master password for your Dell computer. The Master Password will delete all Bios passwords and give you access to your locked computer again.
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Recover Dell Laptop's UEFI Password

Post by xavior »

If your computer is from Dell, follow the instructions in the link below to reset the forgotten BIOS (UEFI) password.

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