Brand New HP Laptop Freezes Randomly

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Brand New HP Laptop Freezes Randomly

Post by Muhammad-Ejaz »

I bought a brand new HP laptop last month. My problem with this HP laptop model is its frequent hanging. It hangs in the middle of my work, and none of the keys work at that time.

Has any member experienced the same problem? It has an i5 processor and Windows 11 Operating system.
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Re: Brand New HP Laptop Freezes Randomly

Post by alex »

Make sure the Windows 11 on your HP laptop is up to date. A pending Windows update causes laptops to hang frequently.
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Pending Software Update Hangs the HP laptop

Post by Thomas »

After the Windows 11 update, my HP laptop shows no hanging problems. Thanks for the solution.
Alex George
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How to Fix HP Laptop Random Freezing Issues?

Post by Alex George »

A pending Windows update is the most common reason for an HP laptop to freeze.

However, you cannot ignore hardware errors. A corrupted RAM module can hang your computer during your work. Test the RAM module and ensure it's free from defects.

Another reason for frequent hanging is malware infection. Run a full system scan on your HP laptop with a trusted Anti-Virus tool.
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