Blogger Blog Has Duplicate Post Links

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Blogger Blog Has Duplicate Post Links

Post by ron »

I have a blog running on Blogspot and recently found a duplicate content issue.

Blogspot creates multiple URLs pointing to the same content.

For example, has different versions of links.

I can access the same content by following different URLs.

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Does it violate Google duplicate content regulations?

How can I resolve it?
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Set Canonical tag to fix Blogger Blog Duplicate Post Issues

Post by alex »

Yes, you are right. Blogspot automatically generates different links pointing to the same post.

However, you do not need to worry. Blogger has a canonical tag to mention the original URL to Search Engine spiders.

In your case, Blogger shows as the original URL with a canonical tag.

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<link href='' rel='canonical'/>
You can check the page source of other dynamic URLs. You will find the same canonical tag on every page (of the different link versions).

That means you have nothing to worry about.
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Re: Blogger Blog Has Duplicate Post Links

Post by Anand-Narayanaswamy »

Blogspot has canonical tag to point the original post. So, your blog will not get duplicate content issue.
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Google Not Showing My site After Adding Canonical tag

Post by Thomas »

Hello Alex.

I have had this issue for the last three weeks, but even after adding the canonical tag, Google doesn't want to visit my Blogspot blog.
The question is, when will the search console pass this issue to me?
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How to Write Canonical Tag For Blogspot blog?

Post by Johannes-Mokoko »

Hello do I write link rel='canonical' expr:href=dat a:blog .url just like this or write link rel=canonical' expr:href='data :www.exampl

Can you explain to me Mr.Alex, or I don't change anything?
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Re: Blogger Blog Has Duplicate Post Links

Post by Nivin »

No man. Canonical links solve that problem.
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