My PCs Randomly Getting APIPA Instead Of DHCP IP Address

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My PCs Randomly Getting APIPA Instead Of DHCP IP Address

Post by siva »

We have 30 branches. Each branch has a read-only PC with the DHCP server service. All PCs are working fine, but sometimes randomly one PC takes IP from Apipa when I log in to the server.

I can only remove the APIPA after deleting the entries from the DHCP server. I deleted the problematic PC record from DHCP and restarted the dhcp server. Then, it takes IP from DHCP.

Please help.
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How to Solve Windows APIPA?

Post by alex »

I suggest a complete power cycling of your network. Follow the steps below.
  1. Switch off the modem, router, and computers.
  2. Power on the computers after two minutes.
  3. Once all computers are on, wait for two minutes. Now power on the router.
Now, check whether any PC gets APIPA.
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Windows APIPA Instead of Dynamic IP Address

Post by Thomas »

If your DHCP server occasionally fails to assign dynamic IP addresses to computers, check its health. If it runs on outdated firmware, upgrade it immediately.
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