Google Deleted a lot of My Backlinks in Search Central

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Google Deleted a lot of My Backlinks in Search Central

Post by Yashika »

Hello Alex, I am facing a problem. Last month, my website had 4523 backlinks in webmaster tools. Now, Google is showing just 1322 backlinks. Where should I complain about missing backlinks in webmaster tools?
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A lot of Backlinks Disappeared From Google Webmaster Account

Post by alex »

I also had a similar experience. It automatically fixed in my webmaster tools account. So, I recommend you wait and see if Google fixes it.

In the meantime, I suggest you do one thing. Check for the old backlinks and ensure they still exist.
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Backlinks Disappeared From Google Webmaster Central

Post by Bekal »

Thank you for this information. I too experienced the same problem with my local search website. I thought Google manually deleted my website's backlinks.
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Google Says My Blog has Zero Backlinks in Google Search Console

Post by Frederick »

I also have a similar problem. Today, Google Search Console shows zero backlinks for my blog. I know my blog has at least a hundred backlinks. Where are they?
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