How to Solve Ping Request Timed Out?

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How to Solve Ping Request Timed Out?

Post by Muhammad-Ejaz »

Occasionally showing connectivity issues and ping gives request timed out message.

Hello, my windows 11 PC shows connectivity problems. When I ping google from Command Prompt, it ends with request timed out.

Packets: sent 4 received 0 and lost 4.

What does it mean? :o
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Request Timed Out With a Fiber Optic Internet Connection

Post by siva »

Hi team systosys,

I recently switched to fiber optic connectivity, but while connecting from the router, the Reply is not coming consistently (e.g. )after 10-12 successful pings. I am getting another 10-12 Request timed out message. But when I connect my Ethernet cable directly to the PC, it cannot see any Request Timed out. I tested it on two different routers, and the same issue is happening.
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Pinging Google Shows Request Timed Out

Post by Hawkeye-de-la-Huron »

What should I do in this case:

1. I am trying to ping a website, most specifically, and it is giving me a request timed-out response with a loss of 100%.

2. I tried power cycling the router, modem, and everything, and it did not work, still giving me that Request Timed Out error.

3. I tried to ping another website, such as or, and every other website gave a reply on the data sent through the ping.

4. I tried to ping host, and it came back with a 0% loss. There, it looks like everything should be fine.

I need this to be able to work, but I can get it to work.
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Host Computer Is Replying a Request Timed Out Error

Post by Thomas »

What if the device I ping is the one facing the problem? The host computer is the one replying with a timeout error. That means my PC is the one who replied to me with a Request Timed Out error.
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