Fix Dell Laptop Keyboard Complaints

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Fix Dell Laptop Keyboard Complaints

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Dell is one of the most reputed laptop brands in the market. They keep a minimum build quality in their products. However, occasionally Dell laptops show problems with their built-in keyboard.

We have experienced similar keyboard issues with Dell laptops in our office.

This tutorial is based on our troubleshooting experience with Dell laptop keyboard problems and explains how we fixed them.

Common Problems Shown by Dell Laptop Keyboard

Let me first explain the common Dell laptop keyboard problems we experienced.
  1. Some keys on the Dell Laptop Keyboard stop working

    It is the most experienced problem I have seen on Dell laptops. Some keys stop working or become less responsive.

    You might need to press harder to get those keys to work. Over time, they stop working.
  2. A specific key is continuously typing even though you pressed it once

    It is also a common problem with Dell laptops. When you press a particular key, it will start printing continuously. So it will prevent you from typing comfortably.
  3. Failure to use Keyboard shortcuts

    It is an extension of the first problem I mentioned. Keyboard shortcuts require the combination of a few keys.

    If one of the keys is not working, it will hinder the keyboard shortcut.

    For example, let us consider the Windows Keyboard shortcut to open Task Manager. The combination will not work if the control button is not working.
  4. The entire Keyboard Becomes Irresponsive

    It is rare, but a possible laptop keyboard problem. None of the keys will work on your Dell laptop as a result. However, the power button may work.

Let us check how to fix Dell laptop keyboard problems by yourselves.
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Re: Fix Dell Laptop Keyboard Complaints

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Fix All Dell Laptop Keyboard Complaints

Both hardware and software complaints can make a Dell laptop's internal keyboard faulty. So, this tutorial teaches how to troubleshoot a non-working Dell laptop's internal keyboard.

I recommend you follow the same troubleshooting order listed below, even though not necessary.

  1. Physical Examination of the Keys

    The first step to troubleshooting the complaints of a Dell laptop keyboard is to check each key physically. Check for damaged keys or stuck keys.

    If you find a key in a stuck position, gently release it. It is a temporary solution because that key will show complaints soon.

    The perfect solution for a physically damaged Dell laptop keyboard is to replace it.

    If you are in the Dell warranty period, you should immediately contact them for a replacement. Otherwise, go for an external keyboard.
  2. Clean the Dell Laptop Keyboard

    Dirt beneath the keys on the Dell laptop keyboard will create keyboard complaints. We can fix such Dell laptop keyboard complaints by removing the dirt.

    You should clean dirt and other substances sticking between keys. Always be gentle while cleaning the Dell laptop keyboard.

    Let us check how to clean a Dell laptop keyboard.
    1. A strong compressed airflow will remove dirt and dust stuck beneath the laptop keyset.
    2. You can also wipe the keyboard with microfiber.
    We have checked the hardware issues of the Dell laptop's internal keyboard. If the hardware is fine, we need to check for software complaints.

    We should run Dell SupportAssist to find the software issues.
  3. Run Dell SupportAssist

    SupportAssist is a Dell tool to diagnose problems with a laptop's internal keyboard. Let us check how to run SupportAssist to troubleshoot a Dell laptop's internal keyboard complaint.

    • Open Windows Search (Press Windows and Q keys together) and type SupportAssist.


      Click to open SupportAssist.
    • Select Troubleshooting.
    • Click on I want to check a piece of hardware.
    • Select the keyboard from the list, and run the scan.
    • SupportAssist will ask you to press each key.


      Press the Pass if all keys respond. Press Fail if any key does not respond.
    Now SupportAssist will start looking for the reason for the keyboard complaint automatically.

    It will check the status of the Dell built-in keyboard driver and other possible software complaints.
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Dell Laptop Keyboard Stuck

Post by Aleena Mathew »

I had the same problem with my old Dell Laptop. The keyboard was stuck and was not typing well. I purchased a USB keyboard.
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