Selecting The Best Iron Box For Hostel Students

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Selecting The Best Iron Box For Hostel Students

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If you are staying in a hostel or planning to go to a hostel, you must have a list of compulsory items with you for comfortable hostel life.

Today I am sharing one of such necessary products for a hostel student. That product is Iron Box.

In this post, you can see my review of available iron boxes in the Indian market and choose the best one for a hostel student.

If you do not have time to read my entire review (and the criteria I took to compare the available irons in the market), visit the link below.

Considering the hectic Indian hostels and boarding life, I took the following parameters to test the leading iron boxes available in the market.

  1. Safety (Avoiding accidental burning)
  2. Low Cost
  3. Warranty
  4. Easy to use and 360-degree support
  5. Temperature control function
  6. Lightweight and Compact design
  7. Overheat protection
  8. Moderate Heating Speed

Indian hostels have a concept of room sharing, and you must choose an iron box that does not have the problem of accidental burning.
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Re: Selecting The Best Iron Box For Hostel Students

Post by laxmi »

Safest Iron Box Model for Students

I tested top-rated iron box models available in the local market with the safety parameter. A plastic cover is necessary to prevent shocking and accidental burning.

It is necessary as students will hurry to iron their uniforms before going to college. They might not be in their best mind to care to handle the iron, and a metallic body without a plastic cover will risk a shock or burning.

I avoided all iron box models without standard safety.

Cheapest & Quality Iron Box For Hostel Students

The second parameter I checked is the cost. It is not wise to buy a costly iron box for hostels. We must always consider the chances of misplacing it or even being stolen by others.

So, I avoided the costly iron boxes. I considered only low-cost quality products. I need a minimum warranty of two years for an iron box. I dropped those models without a warranty.

I recommend every student purchase a product with a warranty. Hostel life means rough usage of necessary accessories like an iron box.

You do not want a product that breaks and no way to replace it without extra payment.

I checked the iron box models for how must easy to use them. A hostel student must use easy to operate iron box with 360-degree rotation support.

The swivel cord must support a 360-degree rotation. It will help students to share the iron box easily with other roommates to iron the uniforms.

Hostel students must check for the design and durability of an iron box. It is a must before purchasing it from an online store or local market.

I tested the design and the weight before picking the final product. Only a lightweight iron box suits the needs of a hostel student.

A heavy iron box will be difficult for the daily needs of a hostel student.

The final fact I tested is the overheating protection and the heating speed. The iron box for a hostel student must support these two facts.

Due to the time shortage, they need an iron box with a decent heating speed. At the same time, it must be free from overheating.

So I believe you will find my review very useful, and you will take my fact list before purchasing an iron box for your hostel life.
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How to Select The Best Iron Box For Hostel Students?

Post by Thomas »

Lower cost and smaller size are the keys to Iron boxes for hostel students.
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