How to Select the Best External Keyboard For a Laptop?

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How to Select the Best External Keyboard For a Laptop?

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Is an external keyboard necessary?

It is one of the popular questions customers ask before purchasing a laptop.

Are you also thinking the same? If yes, I recommend you read this post before making a final decision.

I recommend you go for an external keyboard if you are planning to use the keyboard a lot. For example, if you are a blogger or gamer, you should purchase an external keyboard.

If you want an external keyboard, I recommend you check the following points before choosing one.
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Re: How to Select the Best External Keyboard For a Laptop?

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Important Points to Check Before Purchasing an External Keyboard

Let us check how to pick the best external keyboard for your need.
  1. Check the Keys

    The keys must be smooth. Your fingers should not feel strained while typing on the external keyboard.

    You should also check the build quality of the keyboard. It must be durable and should not hang while typing.
  2. Select a Keyboard with Plug and Play feature

    Modern keyboards support plug-and-play as they are USB keyboards. However, I recommend you verify it before buying one.
  3. Check the Compatibility

    Ensure the USB keyboard (or Wireless Keyboard) matches your laptop standards. Choose a USB 3 keyboard if your laptop has a USB 3 port.

    If you want a wireless keyboard, check the wireless standard. Make sure the external keyboard's Wireless standard matches your laptop.

    If you are looking for a BlueTooth-based external keyboard, make sure your notebook supports it.
  4. Choose an External Keyboard with a Warranty

    Check the warranty period. I recommend you purchase an external keyboard with a minimum warranty period of three years.
  5. Check the Supporting Operating Systems

    If you are running Linux on your laptop, ensure that the external keyboard supports it. Windows users do not need to worry much about OS support.
  6. Choose a Gaming Keyboard If you are a Gamer

    If you are a hardcore gamer, ensure that you are selecting a gaming keyboard. A gaming keyboard has extra keys that support a gamer.

    Ask for a gaming keyboard instead a general keyboard.
  7. Choose the Connector Type

    Wired and Wireless external keyboards are available in the market. Choose the connector type as per your need. I recommend a USB connector because wireless keyboards tend to lag a bit.

    If you are a gamer, I recommend a wired keyboard. If you opt for a wireless external keyboard, ensure the battery is easily replaceable.

    Always select an External keyboard (wireless) with a provision to replace the battery yourself.

    If you wish to have a wireless keyboard, I recommend Combo. A combo keyboard supports both wireless and USB connectors.
  8. External Keyboard with Adjustable Height

    I prefer an external keyboard with the facility to adjust the height. I had a previous tutorial about height-adjustable laptop stands.

    Similarly, many external keyboards are available in the market with adjustable height. Choose one with the same facility.

    It will be helpful while typing for a long.
  9. Check Whether it supports Hot Keys Function

    A quality external keyboard has Hot Keys Functions keys. That means it has keys for volume, mute, etc.

    Always buy an external keyboard that supports Hot Keys Functions.
Now you understand how to choose the best external keyboard. I hope you will find this tutorial helpful for you.
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Buy a Smooth External Keyboard

Post by Nicol »

Check the keyboard quality before purchasing it. The keys must be smooth. Check the durability also.

You should also check the warranty of the keyboard.
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