Should I Use a Laptop Stand?

Are you using laptops for a long time every day?

Do you feel a height difference between your face and the laptop monitor while working?

If yes, you must think about possible physical problems due to the wrong positioning and viewpoint. Let me ask you a simple question.

Do your laptop monitor and eye has a direct view?

If not, you risk your eyes and neck while looking at the laptop screen below your eyesight.

The best solution to avoid such health issues is to use a laptop stand to adjust the height difference between your face and the monitor.

In this tutorial, I explain how to pick the best laptop stand in the market.

Why Should I use a Laptop Stand?

A laptop stand will help you adjust the screen height with your eyes. So you can watch the laptop screen comfortably without straining your neck and eyes.

Which Laptop Stand Should I Purchase?

Before making your decision to purchase one, we should consider the following facts.

  1. Build Quality

  2. Durability

  3. Provisions for Air Flow

  4. Must support different heights

  5. It must be portable and thin

You must check the build quality and durability of the laptop stand before purchasing it.

It must support a heavyweight laptop too. It is because you want a universal laptop stand.

In my opinion, the laptop stand must withhold at least 25 kilograms. It must also have a good grip.

The stand must support your laptop even if you shake it.

Another point is the ability to carry around the stand. It must be lightweight and portable.

So you can bring the stand to your office for your work.

Always choose a laptop stand that supports different heights. A good laptop stand must be raisable to different elevations.

So you can adjust the height difference between the laptop screen and your eyes.

Avoid Screen Glare by Adjusting the Laptop Screen Height

One of the best uses of a laptop stand is its ability to reduce screen glare by adjusting the screen height.

You must adjust the screen height with the help of a laptop stand to 2 inches below your visible line. Laptop stands with adjustable height can help you with it.

It will help your eyes a lot. So, before purchasing a laptop stand, ensure that it supports adjustable heights.

Pick a Stand that Supports Air Ventilation

The internal heat of a laptop is very high if it has an HDD disk. Having a laptop stand that supports proper air circulation will help to emit overheating.

I recommend you check the air circulation support of a laptop stand before purchasing it.

I assume that you understand the importance of using a Laptop Stand by now.

Now it is time to decide the better one for you. You must consider the build quality and the cost before making your final decision.

You can check the build quality yourself if it is from a local shop. However, online stores give better deals usually.

In this case, I recommend you read the product reviews from verified buyers before picking one.

You should also consider the points I mentioned in this tutorial too.

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