How to Fix Autotyping Laptop Keyboard?

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How to Fix Autotyping Laptop Keyboard?

Post by abram »

Today, I encountered a strange problem with my old Windows laptop. When I press a specific key, it keeps repeating without an end.

Not all keys have this issue. The keys h and m are showing this problem.

For example, when I type hello, it will be like a continuous h until I press e.

Typing ends like below.

The letter m continuously prints automatically without an end. It is a Windows 11 laptop. Is it a keyboard error?
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Re: How to Fix Autotyping Laptop Keyboard?

Post by alex »

Multiple reasons can cause the problem. Let us check why a laptop shows problems with repeating a key without extra strokes.

Why Does a Key Repeatedly Printing Without Extra Typing?
A laptop keyboard can show automatic typing problems due to hardware and software complaints. So, if you find your keyboard typing itself, find the exact reason behind it.

When you find this issue, I suggest you ask the following questions by yourselves.

  1. Is your laptop under the warranty period?
  2. Does the keyboard have a stuck key?
  3. Has your laptop keyboard been filled with dust and dirt?
  4. Have your laptop had a recent Windows update?
  5. Have you installed a new App on your computer?
The above questions form the foundation of our troubleshooting for an automatic printing key.

We have a similar tutorial on SysToSys. You can refer to my previous tutorial on fixing Dell laptop keyboard complaints.

You can find the exact reasons for a few keys from a laptop keyboard get pressed automatically from that tutorial.

Let us check the solution for an automatic keyboard printing complaint. Read the troubleshooting guide below to fix the problem of a few characters automatically printed on your device.
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Re: How to Fix Autotyping Laptop Keyboard?

Post by alex »

How to Fix a Keyboard Typing by itself?

We check for hardware and software errors and fix the issue.
  1. Analyze the Laptop Keyboard Carefully

    The first step to test( an automatic typing) keyboard is to check for a faulty key.
    1. Make sure none of the keys are damaged. Press each keyboard button gently and make sure the typing is smooth.
    2. Check for a stuck key. If you find a stuck key, lubricate it and release it.
    3. Clean the keyboard. Remove dust and dirt stuck at the root of keyboard buttons.

    Most of the hardware complaints are serious. So, replace it if your laptop is under warranty.
  2. Check for Keyboard loose Connection

    If the connection between the laptop motherboard and the keyboard is loose, you will see issues like automatic nonstop printing of keys.

    Go to a qualified laptop technician and ask him to disconnect and reconnect the internal keyboard to the motherboard.

    This step requires a high level of skills. Unless you have the expertise, do not perform it by yourselves.
  3. Scan for Hardware Changes

    The next step is to scan the laptop keyboard for hardware changes.

    Auto typing by your keyboard can be due to recent hardware changes. To check it, follow the steps below.

    1. Press Windows and Q keys together to open Windows Search.
    2. Type Device Manager on the Windows Search.
    3. Click the open link.

    4. Select the keyboard from the list of devices.

    5. Right-Click the keyboard and tap Scan for Hardware Changes.


      Windows will scan your laptop keyboard and report the error.
  4. Uninstall and Reinstall Laptop Keyboard

    If Windows fails to report any hardware error, the next step is to uninstall the keyboard.

    A corrupted keyboard driver can cause abnormal auto-typing issues.
    1. Open Device Manager and select the keyboard installed.
    2. Click Uninstall Device.

    3. Reboot your laptop once the procedure is over.
  5. Use an External USB Keyboard

    If none of the above steps help, I recommend using an external USB keyboard.
  6. Use the Laptop Warranty

    If your laptop is under the warranty period, replace it immediately.
You have read our complete guide to fixing a keyboard that keeps automatically typing on its own.

If you have any suggestions, I recommend you write them below.
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Samsung Laptop Auto-Typing Keyboard

Post by Julia James »

My old Samsung laptop had the same problem. I purchased a USB keyboard to solve it.
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