How Do you Buy a Linux Laptop in India?

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Anand Ramaswami
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How Do you Buy a Linux Laptop in India?

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I have been looking for a Linux laptop in shops and online stores. So far, I have come across Windows 11 preinstalled laptops. I am not interested in a Windows 11 preinstalled laptop and have no intention of paying extra for the OS I don't want to use.

My question is, how do you guys buy a Linux laptop? All stores and shopping sites sell Windows 11 laptops only.
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Re: How Do you Buy a Linux Laptop in India?

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Most vendors realease laptops with preinstalled Windows 11.
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Re: How Do you Buy a Linux Laptop in India?

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Hardik Sejpal
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The Keyword to Search for a Linux Laptop in online shopping carts

Post by Hardik Sejpal »

@ Anand Ramaswami,

Most retail shops in India sell preinstalled Windows laptops. It is difficult to find preinstalled Linux laptops in retail outlets due to the lack of their popularity.

Source: I work for a consumer electronics outlet brand.

However, you can ask for DOS laptops and install the Linux distro.

I ordered a Lenovo V-series laptop from Flipkart. It had no OS, and I installed Ubuntu. I am happy with the performance.

The keywords to search for a Linux laptop in online shopping carts are 'Linux laptop', 'Ubuntu laptop', and 'DOS laptop'.
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Where Can I Find a Linux Preinstalled Laptop to Buy?

Post by xavior »

This problem is everywhere. Almost all brands sell Windows-installed laptops. It is hard to find a Linux-installed laptop. Most people do not care about it.
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