Disable Windows 11 Touchpad Palm Check Feature

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Anagha Sivakumar
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Disable Windows 11 Touchpad Palm Check Feature

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One Windows 11 laptop is showing problems with the Palm Check feature. I understand this feature helps to prevent accidental touching on the touchpad while typing on the laptop keyboard. However, it shows a headache while editing videos or playing video games.

I wish to learn how to get rid of this issue.
Alex George
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Turn Off Windows Touchopad Palm check Error

Post by Alex George »

The Touchpad Palm check feature prevents accidental touching on the Touchpad while typing on a laptop.

If it affects your video game playing, I recommend using an external USB keyboard and mouse.

If you insist on using the Touchpad and laptop keyboard to play a game, the solution is to set the Touchpad sensitivity to maximum.
  1. Tap on the Windows start button and go to the Settings.
  2. Click on Devices.
  3. Select the Touchpad from the devices list.
  4. Change the Touchpad sensitivity to the most sensitive.
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Re: Disable Windows 11 Touchpad Palm Check Feature

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Should I Disable Windows 11 Touchpad Palm Check Feature?

Post by Thomas »

Windows Touchpad Palm Check feature is helpful while typing. This feature prevents accidental Touchpad touches while typing. So, I do not recommend anyone disable this feature.
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