Find The Email Address & Phone Number of Your Google Meet Contact

Google Meet is a popular video communication application released by Google.

This tutorial teaches you how to find the email address and phone number of the person you communicate with through Google Chat and Google Meet.

Google Meet and Google Chat replace Google Hangouts, a popular chatting App in the past.

I prepared this tutorial due to the high demand from our readers after publishing my previous tutorial on SysToSys about the steps to stop Google Chat on a network.

Why Do You Need To Find The Email Address and Phone Number of Your Google Chat Friend?

Google Meet is an open communication platform where anyone having your Google Meet ID can invite you for a video chat.

We can say the same with Google Chat too.

To save yourself from potential fraud, Team SysToSys recommends you check the email address and phone number of the person you are chatting with through Google Meet.

Verifying the Email address and Phone number of your Google Chat friend will help you understand with whom you are chatting.

Another instance is your old Google Chat contact changes his display name. You may wonder about the new name in your chat list if you are unaware of the change in the display name.

Checking his email address will help you verify the person.

Let us check how to find your Google Meet friend's phone number and email address.

How To Find the Email Address and Phone Number of a Person From Google Chat and Meet?

You can check a person's email address and phone number who chats with you from Google Chat.

  1. Open Google Chat (You can open Google Chat App on your Android phone or Gmail on your desktop PC).

  2. Load the previous chat with that person.

  3. Tap on his display icon in the chat window.Check the screenshot below.

    Just click on the profile picture of your Google Meet friend. You will see a pop-up with his email address and display name.

  4. Google Chat will show his email address and phone number. If your Google Chat friend has a telephone number in his profile, Google will show that too.

You can verify who is chatting with you once you have the Gmail address and the mobile phone number of your contact.

Keep in mind that the display name on Google Chat is not permanent. A Google Chat user can change his display name at any time.

However, you can identify the person with his email address.

How to Verify Who is Chatting With You in Google Chat?

It is necessary to verify who is participating in a Google Meet group.

Consider your office team as an example. If your team plans a group call using Google Meet, you must ensure that only your team members are in the group.

An unauthorized person participating in your online Google Meet conference will endanger your professional secrets.

So, team SysToSys recommends you verify each user participating Google Meet online conference by checking their email and mobile phone number listed in their Google profile.

Ensure the Google Meet participants' email ids match the email ids of your team members. So, you can verify only the authorized persons are attending the online video conference.

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