Samsung Galaxy Tab is Very Slow After a Year

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Samsung Galaxy Tab is Very Slow After a Year

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I have a Samsung Galaxy Tablet that is very slow. I purchased it one year ago. It had been working great till last month. Since last month, this tab has been showing performance issues. Does anyone face the same problem? :(
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Why Is My Samsung Tablet So Slow After a Year?

Post by xavior »

A Samsung tab can be slow due to multiple reasons. To troubleshoot your tab, let me ask you a few questions.
  • Have you installed too many Apps?
  • How much storage space is available?
  • Have you done a recent Samsung UI update (One UI)?
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Re: Samsung Galaxy Tab is Very Slow After a Year

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Improve the Speed of a Slower Samsung Galaxy Tab

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Your Tab might have many junk apps. Remove them and check for the device speed.

If you are comfortable, I recommend a system reset. It will set the Tab to its factory settings. Then update the software. You will see an improvement.
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