Uninstalled OneDrive Automatically Back After Windows 11 Update

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Uninstalled OneDrive Automatically Back After Windows 11 Update

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I have a brand new Windows 11 laptop with a recurring problem. I am not a fan of OneDrive. So, I uninstalled it soon after I purchased the laptop.

Now, I see a problem. With each Windows 11 update, Microsoft reinstalls the OneDrive without my permission. Can you tell me how to tell Microsoft that I do not want OneDrive on my Windows 11 device?
Rahul Agarwal
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Cannot Remove OneDrive

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Microsoft forces everyone to install bloatware while installing the Windows 11 Operating System. It is not so great for users with less technical skills. OneDrive is one among them.
Alex George
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The Proper Steps To Uninstall OneDrive From Windows 11 Laptop

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It seems you have not uninstalled OneDrive properly. To avoid the issue you are facing, uninstall OneDrive properly from your Windows 11 PC. Let me explain the steps.

Press the Windows and X keys together. Select Apps and Features from the menu.

You can see all installed Apps on your Windows 11 laptop. Find OneDrive from the list.

Tap on OneDrive and click the Uninstall button. Once you have uninstalled OneDrive, restart your laptop.
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