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Forum Posting Guidelines

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1. Do Not Create a New Topic If a Similar Topic is Available

Search before asking your question in SysToSys, and make sure no similar topic is available.

2. Conduct a Sitewide search To Find a Similar Topic

I will explain it with an example. Assume a user wants to know the solution to a particular network issue.


Type a minimum of three or four keywords in the search box. Avoid typing common keywords because the forum software will ignore them.

Click the search icon.

SysToSys will display all similar topics. Ask your question on one of the topics.

3. Create a New Topic If the Search Could not find a Similar Topic

Make sure you are asking in the correct subforum. It will help other users to find your question and answer.

4. Make sure to give a meaningful heading to your question

Avoid smaller headlines, as it will confuse other users. Moderators have the authority to edit the question headlines if necessary.

5. Be Gentle and Polite

All members must be gentle and polite in the forum discussions.

6. Do not steal others work

Users are not allowed to republish other website's work on SysToSys.

7. Removal of Inactive Users

Global Moderators will remove every inactive user after 30 days. An inactive user is a registered user without a minimum of one published post.
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