How to Solve Ping Request Timed Out?

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How to Solve Ping Request Timed Out?

Post by Muhammad-Ejaz »

Occasionally showing connectivity issues and ping gives request timed out message.

Hello, my windows 11 PC shows connectivity problems. When I ping google from Command Prompt, it ends with request timed out.

Packets: sent 4 received 0 and lost 4.

What does it mean? :o
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Request Timed Out With a Fiber Optic Internet Connection

Post by siva »

Hi team systosys,

I recently switched to fiber optic connectivity, but while connecting from the router, the Reply is not coming consistently (e.g. )after 10-12 successful pings. I am getting another 10-12 Request timed out message. But when I connect my Ethernet cable directly to the PC, it cannot see any Request Timed out. I tested it on two different routers, and the same issue is happening.
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Pinging Google Shows Request Timed Out

Post by Hawkeye-de-la-Huron »

What should I do in this case:

1. I am trying to ping a website, most specifically, and it is giving me a request timed-out response with a loss of 100%.

2. I tried power cycling the router, modem, and everything, and it did not work, still giving me that Request Timed Out error.

3. I tried to ping another website, such as or, and every other website gave a reply on the data sent through the ping.

4. I tried to ping host, and it came back with a 0% loss. There, it looks like everything should be fine.

I need this to be able to work, but I can get it to work.
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Host Computer Is Replying a Request Timed Out Error

Post by Thomas »

What if the device I ping is the one facing the problem? The host computer is the one replying with a timeout error. That means my PC is the one who replied to me with a Request Timed Out error.
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Pinging Google Tells Request Timed Out

Post by xavior »

The Ping Request Timed Out error tells your PC waited for an ICMP acknowledgment from the remote device but received none.

It can happen due to various reasons.
  1. The firewall on your PC blocks the ICMP acknowledgment.
  2. Network Adapter settings issue.
As the first solution, I suggest you turn off the firewall on your PC. Then, ping a remote IP address. Reply to us with the result.
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