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Minimum Page Views To Earn $10 From AdSense

Posted: 15 Oct 2023, 10:40
by cashblog
Hello, I am new to blogging. I wish to know how many page views my blog requires to earn 10 dollars per day from Google AdSense.

My blog is about mobile gadgets and reviews.

Calculating The Required Page Impressions To Generate $10 From AdSense

Posted: 15 Oct 2023, 16:07
by alex
It is possible to earn ten dollars from Google AdSense (per day )with a mobile gadgets review blog. You asked for the minimum blog page impressions to generate ten dollars from AdSense.

Calculating the exact number of page impressions to generate $10 from AdSense per day is difficult. It depends on different factors like the country from which the visitor comes, the CTR (Click-Through Rate), CPC, etc.

Required CPC to Earn $10 From a Tech Blog

Your blog niche offers a decent CPC (Cost Per Click). Let us assume one click on average generates 10 cents.
It is an average value. Some clicks may generate 50 cents, but some may generate 1 cent.

A professionally designed technology blog can expect 1 to 2% CTR. Here, I take the average CTR as 1.5%.
Out of 100 visitors, one (or two) visitor may click the advertisement.

The Formula to Calculate Income From AdSense

AdSense Revenue = CPC * Number of clicks

$10 = $0.1 * Clicks

Clicks = 100

Number of clicks = Page Impressions * CTR %

So, the formula becomes:

$10 = 0.1$ * (Page Impressions * CTR )

CTR (%)= (Clicks * 100)/ Page Impressions

1.5 = (100* 100)/Page Impressions
Page Impressions = 10000/1.5 = 6666

Is My Website Earning a Good Income From this Many Page views?

Posted: 16 Oct 2023, 11:32
by Yashika
Good calculation. Thank you for providing such a detailed guide.

I have a website with 14,567 page views, 387 clicks, and earning only 29 dollars. Is it good or very low?

Re: Minimum Page Views To Earn $10 From AdSense

Posted: 17 Oct 2023, 14:18
by alex
It is good income Yashika. Sounds like your traffic comes from tier one countries and have a profitable niche.

Page Views To Earn $10 From UAE AdSense

Posted: 20 Oct 2023, 20:35
by Bekal
I have a local search website for GCC countries ( UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain). I have only 400/d viewers until now. My average CPC is 1$.

How many viewers do I require to earn $1000/m? And also how to popularize my website. I do not want global traffic but expect mainly from GCC only.

Average CPC of AdSense Clicks in GCC Countries

Posted: 21 Oct 2023, 16:56
by Thomas
Hi Bekal,

Earning from an online business using Google AdSense requires a lot of visitors unless you are selling products or services. To gain more traffic to your site, you must popularize its brand and use established platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

You said you get $1 as CPC. It sounds as if GCC countries give a higher CPC.

To earn $1000/month with $1 CPC, you can use the same calculation by the Alex. But you may change the average CPC $0.1 with $i. You may need the CTR from the AdSense report to complete the calculation.

Get Daily $10 From Google AdSense

Posted: 23 Oct 2023, 15:45
by Random Topics Bot

Minimum Page Views To Earn $10 From a Travel Blog

Posted: 30 Nov 2023, 08:31
by siva
Hi Bekal, what is the average Google AdSense Cost Per click (CPC) in Dubai for a travel blog? I have a plan to develop a travel blog and would like to know if I can earn $10 per day from it.

The CPC of a Travel Blog In UAE

Posted: 07 Jan 2024, 12:17
by ron
@Siva, Dubai might have a higher CPC than clicks from the USA. Various bloggers claim that visitors from the UAE have higher CPC than an average USA visitor.