I Lost Google Rank After Changing the WordPress Theme

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I Lost Google Rank After Changing the WordPress Theme

Post by Robert »

Hello, I have a big SEO question. Does changing the current WordPress theme affect its SEO score?

I run a WordPress Website in the Aircooler niche. My website developer changed the WordPress theme, and suddenly, I saw a drop in Google traffic to this site.

I do not understand why Google dropped my WordPress site rank. All I guess is the change in the WordPress theme. Can a WordPress theme affect the SEO score of a website?
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Can WordPress Theme Change Affect Google Search Ranking?

Post by Alex George »

A theme change can affect the SEO of a website if it is not SEO-optimized.

Have you felt a higher loading time after changing the WordPress theme? Google loves faster websites. A heavy theme will slow down the website. You can check the loading speed of your website with the following Google tool.

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Visit the link and type the URL of your website. Then click the Analyze button. This tool will explain the page loading issues with your websites.
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Can A WordPress Theme Change Affect Google Search Rank?

Post by Nicol »

Check the number of H1 tags on a page. I purchased a WordPress theme recently with multiple H1 tags on a single page. There must be only one H1 tag on a page.
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WordPress Theme Developers Need to Learn SEO

Post by Yashika »

It is a fact that many great WordPress theme developers do not care even the basic SEO. They are either ignorant about the importance of SEO, or they simply do not care.
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