Does Having Affiliate Links On a Website Affect SEO?

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Does Having Affiliate Links On a Website Affect SEO?

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I have a website discussing air coolers. My website compares different models of air coolers available in the market. We compare the technology, price, and market response.

So far, I have no revenue models and plan to implement Amazon affiliate links. You know how important it is to have revenue to cover the hosting expenses.

My question is about the negative impacts of adding Amazon affiliate links to a web page. Can it hurt the SEO score of my website?
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How to Place an Affiliate Link without Hurting The SEO?

Post by Alex George »

Amazon Affiliate is a well-known Affiliate Program. It will not affect the SEO score if you place the Amazon Affiliate links on a relevant page.

Google penalizes a website only if it places an affiliate link on a page without enough content. Another critical point is to add a rel=nofollow tag to the link.

So, let me conclude with the points to consider while placing affiliate links on a page.
  • Always add the rel=nofollow tag to the affiliate link.
  • Make sure the page has enough content.
  • Always place relevant affiliate links on a web page.
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Page Rank Issues With Amazon Affiliate Links On Blog Post

Post by Nicol »

Amazon Affiliate links do not hurt the SEO as long as we do not misuse them. Add one or two links maximum on a web page.
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