My Samsung Galaxy Tablet is Freezing Occasionally

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James Smith
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My Samsung Galaxy Tablet is Freezing Occasionally

Post by James Smith »

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab that was great until last month. Since last month, this Samsung Tablet has been freezing every day. Do you have any idea why this tab is freezing suddenly?
Alex George
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Why Does My Samsung Galaxy Tab Keep Freezing Up?

Post by Alex George »

You said the Samsung Galaxy Tab was working fine until last month. My first guess is the lack of enough free space to run the OS. Delete unwanted big files (such as video files) and ensure it has enough free space.

Reply to us if your Galaxy tab still freezes.
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Pending Software Update Makes Samsung Galaxy Tablet Hangs

Post by Yashika »

Is there any pending software update? A pending software update can slow down your Galaxy Tab.
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A Quick fix for Samsung Galaxy Tablet Freezing Problem

Post by xavior »

Delete the junk files and finish the pending software updates. It will fix the freezing trouble with your Samsung Galaxy Tab.
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