URL is Available to Google But Has Issues

Today I noticed one of the posts in SysToSys is not in the Google Search Results. To my surprise, Google has not indexed that page yet.

So, I used the URL Inspection Tool by the Google Search Console to test the page. I received the following error as the result of my Live Test.

URL is available to Google but has issues.

You can see the screenshot of the error message below.

Google not indexing a page

I fixed the issue, and suddenly Google indexed that page. This post explains why I received such an error and how to fix it.

Let us first check why Google Search Console showed the error-URL is available to Google but has issues.

How Did I fix The Error: URL is Available to Google But has Issues?

When I discovered Google had not indexed a page on SysToSys, I logged into my Google Search Console account.

If you are new to Google Search Console, access it with the link:


I typed the URL of the blog post on the Inspect URL. You can see the screenshot of the result.

It showed me the URL was not on Google. So, to understand the reason, I tested the live URL.

Click the button Test Live URL to run a live test.

Google conducted a live test and came up with the following result.

Google not indexing a page

URL is available to Google but has issues. So, which problems prevent my blog post from getting indexed in Search Engines?

Google has the answer to this question. Google detected an invalid item on my blog post. Google showed the error in red color.

The Breadcrumbs issue prevented my blog post from the search results.

If you are a reader of SysToSys, you might have checked my previous tutorial on this topic. We have a detailed guide about the BreadCrumbs error and a solution.

Visit the Following link to learn more about it.

I am not repeating the solution and troubleshooting part because the above post explains it well.

The issue was a missing label on the post. Without it, the blog template design shows an error in its BreadCrumbs menu.

After adding the missing post label, I ran the Live URL Test. Google showed no error this time.

It is important to note that a minor HTML error can influence the Search Engine visibility of your website.

I explained in this post how a missing label made it difficult for my blog post to get indexed by Google.