Possible Solution: Networking Reset

Yesterday I found a strange issue with my old laptop. After a Windows update, it failed to detect my WiFi.

While checking, I found that the Wireless adapter is in disabled mode. I tried to enable the wireless adapter, but it failed.

So I ran the Windows Wireless Troubleshooter to identify the problem.

Windows Troubleshooter could not find the exact reason, but it suggested the following solution.

Possible Solution: Networking Reset

However, this action required administrator permissions. Once I gave the administrative permissions, it completed the procedure.

The procedure was completed with a Windows reboot and fixed the problem.

This article examines the reason for that strange wireless problem. Then you will learn how to fix this problem.

Let us first check the reason for Windows informing the error -Possible Solution: Networking Reset.

Why Does the Windows Show Possible Solution: Networking Reset?

According to my analysis, the latest Windows update caused this error. When I checked online, I saw many users (Both Windows 11 and Windows 10) experienced the same problem.

  1. I assume the latest Windows 11 and Windows 10 update caused some driver compatibility problems with my wireless adapter.

  2. Another possibility is software corruption. The Windows Troubleshooter detects software corruption and assumes a network reset will fix it.

Now we can check the solution part. As per Windows Troubleshooter, the solution is to reset the network adapter.

We can do it automatically or manually. The easiest method is to let Windows Troubleshooter reset the network adapter.

If it does not work, we must manually reset the wireless adapter. If it too fails, the final solution is a driver update.

The Solution:

  1. Using Windows Troubleshooter to Reset the Wireless Adapter

    1. Right-click on the disabled wireless icon at the system tray.

      Look for the globe symbol near the battery icon if you do not know the disconnected wireless icon.

    2. Click the option Troubleshoot Problems.

      Windows Troubleshooter will run for a while.

    3. You will see a notification. Windows Troubleshooter informs the remaining repairs require administrator permissions.

      You will also see a notification -problems found with a solution. The solution is a Networking Reset.

      Click the link - Try these repairs as an administrator.

    4. Windows will ask for your authorization. You can give administrator permission by typing the Windows admin password.

    5. Windows Troubleshooter will start with administrative privilege. You will see a notification with the following heading.

      Resetting Your Networking Configuration.

      To continue the troubleshooting, click the link Apply this fix.

      Windows will reboot your computer to continue.

      If you do not wish to apply this solution, click the link- skip this step.

    6. Windows will warn you that your computer will reboot in five minutes.

      If you are in the middle of critical work, save them now. Click the close button to continue to save your work.

    7. Your computer will restart automatically. Windows will show you the confirmation of the fix.

      You will see a Windows notification with the following details.

      Problems found:

      Possible Solution: Networking Reset

      Status fixed.

      You can close the Windows Troubleshooter by clicking the link -Close the troubleshooter.

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