How to Protect Laptop Touchpad From Scratches and Damage?

The touchpad is one of the most used parts of a laptop. In my analysis, the keyboard and trackpad are the most volatile portions of a Laptop.

I explained in my previous tutorial how to protect your Laptop Keypad with an External Keyboard. Similarly, let us check how to guard the touchpad on your Notebook from scratches and damage.

Is Laptop Touchpad prone to Damaging?

Yes, the Laptop Touchpad is one of the portions that gets damaged first.

If you are a heavy laptop user, getting scratches on the touchpad is most probable.

Another chance is the spilled coffee or water over the touchpad. It will ruin it.

How to Protect a Laptop Touchpad?

Let us check how to protect your laptop touchpad.

  1. Use it Gently

    The best method to protect your laptop touchpad is to avoid using it roughly. Let us not put heavy pressure on this portion.

    Make sure you are not using the laptop touchpad while playing games. Do not apply too much pressure on it while operating. Applying too much external pressure will damage the trackpad.

    Careful handling will prolong the life of the touchpad. However, it has limitations. So, I recommend you follow my other suggestions.

  2. Using Laptop Touchpad Protector (Touchpad Skin)

    The best method to protect the touchpad is to cover it with a Skin Protector. There are many touchpad protectors available in the market.

    Let me help you select the best touchpad protector. Before purchasing a touchpad skin cover sticker, check the following qualities.

    1. It must be water resistant

      Choose a water-resistant touchpad skin guard. Resistance to water damage is a must quality. A water-resistant touchpad protector will guard it against accidental coffee and water spillover.

      So, I recommend a water-resistant touchpad protector.

    2. It must be Scratch Resistant

      The chances of getting scratched on a trackpad (touchpad) are very high. Choose a trackpad protector skin with a scratch resistance feature.

      You can find the compatible trackpad protector for your laptop models. Whatever models( MacBook, Dell, Acer, or HP) you own, you can find suitable trackpad skins.

      Always check for the scratch-resistant feature while choosing a protector skin for the trackpad.

    The touchpad protector skin must be Scratch and Water Resistant.

  3. Use a Mouse

    Having an external mouse will help reduce your dependency on the trackpad.

    I use a USB mouse for my laptop to avoid working on the touchpad too much.

    My experience tells having an external mouse is better for your productivity on your laptop. It is the same for Apple MacBook as well as other laptop models.

    Using a USB mouse will help reduce your touchpad usage and helps it retain its life. Lesser usage of a touchpad means lesser chances for scratches and damage.

    It is the best method to protect the laptop touchpad.
This article covered how to protect a laptop trackpad from scratches and damage. You have also learned how to choose the best trackpad protector for your laptop and MacBook.

If you have more doubts, you can contact the author using the contact us page.

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