How to Block Others From Connecting to My Verizon WiFi Network?

We have a few Verizon ISP tutorials on SysToSys, and one of the comments we received was very interesting.

He wanted to know how to block others from connecting to his Verizon WiFi network.

He is a generous man who gives away his wireless network password to his siblings but wants to block them from connecting to it.

He wants his siblings happy by showing them the Verizon WiFi password on his phone, but that should not work on their devices.

He had some conditions, but we successfully explained the method.

So, today I think it will be helpful for Verizon customers to learn how to secure their wireless network by preventing others from accessing a Verizon wireless connection.

How to Prevent Others From Accessing a Verizon Wireless Connection?

We can protect a Verizon wireless connection by two different methods. One is to set a strong WPA2 password. The second method is to enable MAC address filtering.

Team SysToSys recommend using a combination of these two methods to secure your Verizon WiFi connection from intruders.

Read the steps to implement a strong WPA2 password on your Verizon Wireless router from this link. This tutorial explains the MAC address filtering to secure your Verizon WiFi network.

Activate MAC Address Filtering on Verizon Fios Router

Let us check how to activate MAC address filtering on a Verizon Fios Router and use it to prevent unauthorized devices from accessing the Verizon WiFi network.

  1. Connect Verizon Fios Router to your laptop with an Ethernet cable. As I explained in the previous tutorials, connect the LAN port of the router to the Ethernet port of your Laptoptop.

  2. Power on the router. Type on the browser address bar. Type admin as the username. Type the custom password in the password field.

    Click the OK button to log in.

  3. Click the My Network.

    Now select MAC Address Filtering.

  4. Activate the MAC Address Filtering by white-listing the devices you allow to connect to the Verizon wireless network.

    Add the MAC address of your devices and click Apply button to save.

If you do not wish to activate the MAC address filtering feature on your Verizon Fios router, you can block others by changing the WPA2 password.

You can also use the System Monitoring feature to analyze the devices connected to your WiFi.

You can also set the MAC Address Filtering on a router in another way.

In this method, you block MAC addresses to prevent them from joining your Verizon wireless network. Devices with blocked MAC Addresses cannot access your WiFi even though they have the correct password.

This method is helpful when you wish to block a certain computer or phone from joining Verizon WiFi.

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