How to Choose the Best LCD Drawing Tablet For your Kid?

Do you have a kid who loves drawing and writing? Your kid might be using a lot of papers to develop his skills.

You understand that paper comes from trees, and wasting paper means cutting down more trees.

As a loving parent, you cannot ask your kid to stop wasting paper as it hurts the ecology. A small kid does not understand the concept of saving the planet by reducing paper waste.

As a responsible parent, you might wonder whether wasting a lot of paper is good. But, no one can deny his child from developing a skill set.

So, what is the solution? You should find an alternative for the paper.

Here comes the use of LCD writing tablets. They are very cheap and user-friendly.

Many parents are not familiar with an LCD writing tablet. Let me explain how to use an LCD writing or drawing tablet to replace paper. I will also explain how it gives a better learning chance for your kid.

LCD Drawing Tablet Verse Paper

Using an LCD drawing tablet has many advantages over paper.

  1. Reusability

    Reusability is one of the best advantages of an LCD Writing/Drawing Tablet. You can write and draw anything on the tablet and erase them. Once you finish your drawing, you can save or delete it with a single click.

  2. More Kids Friendly

    Kids may find issues with handling paper and pen. However, an LCD Tablet can easily attract a kid. They will like the tablet as a toy. Buy a tablet that can withstand rough use by your kid.

  3. Saving Trees as a Responsible Parent

    By avoiding paper, you save trees. It shows you are a responsible parent.

You have learned the advantages of a drawing LCD tablet. Let us check how to select the best LCD Writing Tablet for your kid.

How to Choose the Best LCD Drawing Tablet?

If you are planning to purchase an LCD drawing tablet for your kid, check the following points.

  1. Purchase a Kid-Friendly Tablet

    The LCD drawing tablet must be safe for your kids.Check the manufacturer's guidelines and verify that it is safe for your kids.

    Kids will bite or bend the tablet. The product you purchase must have a solution for it.

    You must check whether the Drawing Tablet has any harmful chemicals. Always go for a writing tablet with a kid-friendly label.

  2. Check the Cost of the Tablet

    Kids will use the tablet as a toy. So, you can expect how long the tablet will last.

    I advise you to purchase a low-cost drawing tablet if your kid is below seven years. You can go for a higher-end drawing tablet if your kid is mature.

  3. Check the nature of the Batteries

    You should check the nature of the battery. Some writing tablet offers rechargeable battery.

    Most toy category LCD writing tablets come with one time use battery. I recommend you go for models with either rechargeable batteries or can replace batteries.

    The battery replacement procedure must be user-friendly. You do not want to buy a drawing tablet without provisions to change batteries.

  4. Check the Warranty

    If you are looking for a high-end writing tablet, go for products with warranties. However, you cannot expect a warranty for a lower-end LCD Writing Tablet.

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