New Breadcrumbs Structured Data Issue Detected for Site

Recently I received a shocking email from Google Search Console Team about an issue detected on SysToSys. The email states that New Breadcrumbs structured data issue detected for site systosys.com.

It is the content of the email.

Breadcrumbs structured data error is not new to me. I faced similar issues on my WordPress sites due to the incompatible plugins.

However, SysToSys runs on Blogger, and I never experienced Breadcrumbs structured data error on a Blogger blog.

So, this email came to me as a surprise.

Breadcrumbs structured data issues detected on systosys.com

To the owner of systosys.com:

Search Console has identified that your site is affected by 1 Breadcrumbs structured data issue(s):

Top critical issues

Critical issues prevent your page or feature from appearing in Search results. The following critical issues were found on your site:

Either "name" or "item.name" should be specified (in "itemListElement")

We recommend that you fix these issues when possible to enable the best experience and coverage in Google Search.

If you do not know the term Breadcrumbs, allow me to explain this concept in simple words.

Breadcrumbs are a website navigation concept. It helps a user to navigate a website category-wise.

The screenshot provided below will give you a complete idea of this concept.

As I explained already, besides one WordPress website, it is the first time I received a Breadcrumbs error on a Blogspot blog.

So I decided to check for the reasons. It was not difficult as Google mentioned the reason behind the new Breadcrumbs structured data issue.

Reasons Behind Breadcrumbs structured data error

  1. Logical arrangement error on jtemListElement order

  2. Incompatible CMS Plugin( WordPress, Joomla, Blogspot,etc.)

  3. A missing itemListElement name

So it is time to find the exact reason for receiving a Breadcrumbs Structured Data issue on SysToSys.

Fortunately, the Google Search Console sent me the email with the exact reason.

Either "name" or "item.name" should be specified (in "itemListElement")

It means I do not need to spend time on HTML troubleshooting.

How to Fix Breadcrumbs Structured Data Issue?

You can resolve the Breadcrumb Structured Data error with the help of hints provided by Google Search Console.

  1. Open Google Search Console
    The first step is to log into Google Webmaster accounts by visiting the link below.

  2. Select your website
    Select your website from the Search Property.

  3. Click on Breadcrumbs under Enhancements

    This page will display the exact error message under the Details.

    You can also see the error status, type, and how many pages with errors.

  4. Click on the error details

  5. Click on a page with the error

    Now you can see all the pages on your website with Breadcrumbs structured data issue.

    To proceed, you should click on one of the pages listed here.

  6. Inspecting the Breadcrumbs Structured Data Error

    Once I click a page shown on this window, Google Search Console displays the exact error found on that page.

    You can see a missing name for the second item on the list. If you do not know the correct breadcrumbs structure, refer to my next section.

  7. Check with the Live Page

    Finally, we need to check the live page with the information we collected from the Google Search Console.

    Let us check the following page with the breadcrumbs structured data error.

    While checking with the Chrome Inspect element feature, you can see that this page does not have an item.

    The correct format must be like this.


    "@context": "http://schema.org",
    "@type": "BreadcrumbList",
    "@id": "#Breadcrumb",
    "itemListElement": [{
    "@type": "ListItem",
    "position": 1,
    "item": {
    "name": "Home",
    "@id": "https://www.systosys.com/"
    "@type": "ListItem",
    "position": 2,
    "item": {
    "name": "ICMP",
    "@id": "https://www.systosys.com/search/label/ICMP"
    "@type": "ListItem",
    "position": 3,
    "item": {
    "name": "How to Fix Destination Host Unreachable Error?",
    "@id": "https://www.systosys.com/2020/01/fix-destination-host-unreachable.html"

    The missing item is a label.

    So, how do we fix this issue? The answer is very simple. We just need to add a new label and republish the post.

  8. Validate the Fix in the Search Console

    Press the button validate fix.

    Google will check the changes you have made on your website.

If you are interested in learning more about breadcrumb code structure, I recommend you start with the Google Developer Guidelines.

You can go to that page by visiting the link provided in the box below.


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