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How to Change Default Blogger Post Font Size For Individual Page?

For those who are using Blogspot to create and publish blogs often wonder how to change the default Blogger post text font size.

Many Blogspot bloggers use the default post font size set by the blog theme they have. Many Blogspot themes have a smaller font size for individual posts, and it is difficult to read.

In this post, we share two different methods to change the default font sizes in every Blogspot blog theme.

One of the methods to change the blog post content size is to create a div for each blog post. The second method is to specify a font size in the Blogger Theme Designer.

Create a DIV to Change the Individual Blogspot Blog Post Font Size

This method is best suited for changing the font size of individual Blogger Posts. Though it is a simple method, there is a drawback.

In this method, you have to add the DIV you created in every post manually. That is why I said, this method is best suited for individual posts.

Let me explain how to change the font size of an individual Blogspot blog post step by step.

  1. Create and add a New DIV in a Blogger Post

    1. Log into your Blogger, and click on New Post button

    2. Click on HTML view to add a new div

    3. Enter a new div as the screenshot provided below.

      Here the DIV name is systosys-font. You need to keep the content inside the DIV as explained below.

      <div class="systosys-font">

      Write Your Content Here


  2. Add the new DIV to the Blogger CSS file
    The second step in this method is to add the newly create DIV to the Blogger theme CSS file.

    1. On the Blogger dashboard, click on Theme and click on Customize button

      Now you are on the Blogger Theme Designer Page. You can add your customized CSS on this page.

    2. Click on the Advanced button, and click on Add CSS

    3. If you do not know how to write a DIV, simply copy the code provided below and paste it on this page.

      .systosys-font {font-size:110%;}

      You can change the percentage depends on your need. 100% is the original font size provided by the Blogger theme. If you write 90 instead of 100, the Blogger post font size will show a decrease of 10%.

      Have a look at the screenshot provided below to see the CSS code implementation.

      Click on the Apply to Blog button to save the custom CSS you have entered.

To increase the Blogger individual post font size, you should increase the percentage. To decrease the default font size, you should decrease the percentage in the font-size CSS.

If you do not have any knowledge of CSS coding, it might be a little confusing for you. So, let me explain it with an example.

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Consider the default font size of an individual Blogspot page is 10 pixels. When you set the font size to 100%, there will be no change.

If you set the font size as 110%, the new font size will be 11 pixels.

When you set the font size to 90%, the new font size will be 9 pixels.

Change Blogspot Blog Post Font Size From the Blogger Theme Designer

It is the second method to change the font size of a Blogger blog post. However, you cannot change the individual post font size using this method.

This method changes the font size of the entire blog. Let us see how to change the font size from the Blogger Theme Designer.
  1. On the Blogger dashboard, click on Theme and click on Customize button

  2. Click on the Advanced tab

    You can change the font size of your blog from this window.

I believe this tutorial helped you to fix every Blogger font size-related problems. If you like to read more useful tutorials, I suggest some of our recent posts.

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About The Author:

Siju George is a Cisco and Microsoft certified Network Engineer. Coding is one of his hobbies, and he created and published many free Blogger and WordPress themes.

Since 2006, he has been very active in technical blogging. He has hands-on experience in working with both WordPress and Blogger codes for his personal and professional blogs.

Siju George has good knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


  1. hello
    I have problem that when I try to write post, choose [font size] and everything it's okay but when I published I see the post it has the same size
    I don't deny maybe I played setting inside html it's like constant font size so what I have to do?
    my blog


  2. I have checked your blog post with Google Chrome inspect feature. The active font size seems fixed as 100% by the theme settings itself.

    If you do not know Blogger theme editing, I will give you a temporary solution to increase the font size on individual posts.

    1. Open the blog post in the HTML view

    2. Put your entire blog post content on a special div as shown below.

    <div style="font-size:110%;>

    Put your content of the post


    3. Click the Update/Publish button and have a look at the new font size.

    You can always change the font size by changing the percent figure.


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