How to Download and Upgrade JioFi Firmware to The Latest Stable Version?

The performance of any networking device depends on the firmware installed on it. JioFi is no exception.

Do you know how to check if your JioFi router has the latest stable firmware version? Do you know how to upgrade the current JioFi firmware to the latest version?

If your answer is no, this tutorial is for you. It is the second article in the Jiofi series published in SysToSys.

Does JioFi Allow Users to Upgrade Current Firmware Manually?

JioFi does have a feature in the Software Upgrade section to upgrade the firmware using the firmware file browse button.

You can find the manual firmware upgrade button on the Firmware Management page. However, you need to download the JioFi firmware file before to upgrade manually using the Software Upgrade feature.

This tutorial teaches you both manual and automatic JioFi Firmware Upgrade methods.

How to Upgrade JioFi Firmware Automatically?

JioFi can upgrade its firmware automatically to the latest stable version. I use this method to update firmware on my JioFi 4 and JioFi 5.

If you intend to update JioFi 4G router firmware automatically, make sure the following things ready.

  • Charge your Jio 4G router to full capacity (100%)
  • Place the router where a good Jio 4G network coverage available.

Now follow the steps below.
  1. Save the Current Configuration Backup
    The first step in updating the firmware is to save the current JioFi configuration on your computer.

    • Connect the Jio 4G router to your PC using a USB cable

    • Type http://jiofi.local.html/ on the address bar of a browser and press enter button

    • Log in using the username and password by clicking on the login link at the right-hand top of the page.

      1. The default username: administrator
      2. The default Password: administrator

    • Click on the Settings tab and click on Firmware Upgrade

    • Click on the Backup button to save the current configuration on your PC

  2. Hard Reset the Jio 4G router
    • Remove the bottom cover of the JioFi router

    • Search for the Reset Hole

    • Press the hole using a pen tip and hold until the device restart.

    • Stop holding pen tip in the reset hole once the Jio 4G modem begins to restart

  3. Now keep your JioFi router on for one full night (make sure the device won't fall into sleep mode)

JioFi will update its firmware to the latest stable version automatically.

How to Upgrade JioFi Firmware Manually?

Before going to update the Jio 4G router firmware manually, you should understand that Jio does not offer firmware download links for its retail customers.

However, some third-party vendors offer stable high performing firmware versions for free. Since they are not available in the official Jio website, I cannot add the JioFi firmware download links in this article.

Steps to update JioFi firmware manually by yourself, follow the steps below.

  1. Connect the Jio 4G router to your PC using a USB cable

  2. Save the Current JioFi configuration on your Laptop using the instructions I provided in the article

  3. Log in to Jio 4G router configuration page

  4. Click on the Settings tab and click on Firmware Upgrade

  5. Click on the Browse button to select the firmware file download on your computer

  6. Click on Upgrade button to complete the process

About The Author:
Siju Goerge is Microsoft and Cisco Certified Network Engineer. He has been working in the network engineering field since 2006.

The author has a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and a handful of network certificates.

In SysToSys.com, the author shares his experiences in network engineering life.

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  1. Click on the Browse button to select the firmware file download on your computer

    From where will we get the latest firmware file? Please help me.

    1. Jio is not allowing direct firmware download for retail customers anymore. So, you have to go for the automatic firmware update method.