How to Hard Reset a JioFi 4G WiFi Router?

Nowadays, many are using the JioFi 4G router to create a home wireless LAN at home. Jio 4G offers high-speed and low-cost Internet for home users.

In my previous tutorials in SysToSys, you have seen different tips related to the usage of JioFi.

In this post, I will explain how to hard reset a JioFi 4G router by yourself. A hard reset can solve many problems like recovering a forgotten password, firmware update, etc..

How to Hard reset JioFi 4G Router

Before proceeding to the steps to reset JioFi wireless router, I recommend you take a backup of the current configuration if possible.

To perform a hard reset on JioFi 4G wireless router, follow the steps below.

  1. Switch on the JioFi Router

  2. Remove the bottom panel of the router

  3. Look for the reset hole near the battery

  4. Press the reset hole with a pin for five to ten seconds

  5. Once the lights on the JioFi router start blinking, remove the pin

  6. Wait till the lights on JioFi router are back and steady

Once you have completed the six steps mentioned, your JioFi 4G router settings will go back to the default factory settings.

If you have access to the JioFi configuration page (that means you have the username and password), it is important to take a backup of the current settings.

To take current configuration backup, follow the steps below.

  1. Type jiofi.local.html on the address bar of a browser and press enter button

  2. Enter the current username and password to log in

  3. Click on the Settings tab and click on Firmware Upgrade
  4. Click on Backup Button

I believe this tutorial cannot complete without mentioning another form of JioFi wireless modem resetting.

If you are not after a forgotten password problem, you can perform a soft reset instead of a hard reset.

  1. How to Find JioFi Wireless Password?

You can perform a soft reset on JioFi to solve many problems. Let me explain the steps conduct soft reset on a JioFi WiFi modem.

Steps to Perform a Soft Reset on JioFi 4G Modem

  1. Connect the Jio 4G router to your PC using a USB cable

  2. Type http://jiofi.local.html/ on the address bar of a browser and press enter button

  3. Log in using the username and password by clicking on the login link at the right-hand top of the page.

    1. The default username: administrator
    2. The default Password: administrator

  4. Click on the Settings tab and click on User Management

  5. Click on the Restore button near Restore Default Settings

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