How to Change JioFi 4G Portable Device Password?

I believe you might have liked our JioFi related tips shared in the previous posts in SysToSys.

Today I am sharing one basic level procedure to change the default JioFi device username and password with the help of pictures.

Changing the default JioFi Modem password with a strong one is the first step in securing the device. Let me explain the procedure with the help of screenshots.

Steps to Change JioFi Modem Password With Screenshots

  1. Switch on the JioFi modem

  2. Connect the JioFi modem and your computer either through wifi or through a USB cable.

  3. Type http://jiofi.local.html/ on the address bar of a browser and press the enter key

  4. Click on the login button. To find the login button, have a look at the right-hand top of the window.

    I have marked the login link in the screenshot.

  5. To login to the JioFi setup page, you need to enter the username and password. The screenshot provided below will show you the exact login window.

    You can see the default JioFi login username and password below.

    • Default username: administrator
    • Default Password: administrator

    Click on the login button to access the setup page.

  6. You should click on Settings and click on the User Management

    In this window, you can change the default JioFi device username and password. You can type the new username and password in the respective fields.

  7. Click on the Update to finish the procedure.

Though I have mentioned you could connect the JioFi to your computer, either by WiFi or by a USB cable, I recommend the latter. Let me explain why I prefer to connect using a USB cable for this procedure.

For changing any critical data on a modem/router, experts prefer a wired connection. Changing the default username and password of a device is a critical operation.

So, it is better you connect your JioFi device to your laptop/PC using a USB cable and then start the procedure.

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