How to Activate JioFi MAC Address Filter?

By default, JioFi WiFi portable router comes with WPA2-PSK wireless security and WES wireless encryption.

Though the default wireless security is good enough, we can add more security to your JioFi network by activating MAC Address Filter.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to enable MAC Address Filter on a JioFi Wireless portable router.

To enable MAC Address Filter, you must connect your computer to the JioFi device. Though the below steps works in a wireless connection, I recommend you to connect Jio 4G router to PC using a USB cable.

Steps to Enable MAC Address Filter On a JioFi Device

  1. Switch on Both Computer and JioFi router

  2. Type http://jiofi.local.html/ on the address bar of a browser and press enter button

  3. Click on the login button at the right-hand top of the window.

  4. Enter the current username and password to log in

    1. Default Username: administrator

    2. Default Password: administrator

  5. Click on Settings and click on Network tab

    To enable the MAC Address filter, click on the drop-down button near the MAC address filter. Select the Enable option and click on the Apply button.

  6. Your JioFi router will reboot, and you need to log in again

  7. Once you sign in back, you will see one more option in the same window. You can choose the MAC Address Filter Mode by clicking the drop-down menu.

Here you can choose either the Allow mode or the deny mode. Let me show you how to use this MAC Address Filter Mode to either allow or deny a MAC address from connecting to the JioFi network.

How to Block a Specific MAC Address On JioFi?

If you want to block a specific MAC address from joining the JioFi wireless network, you should choose the Deny mode under MAC Address Filter.
  1. Select the Deny option at the MAC Address Filter Mode

  2. Click on the Add button to include a MAC address in the Blocked list

  3. You will get a warning from JioFi with an OK button. The warning is;

    If you have your MAC address registered on the Deny entry list, you can't connect to your router. Are you sure you want to add a new MAC address to Deny entry?

  4. Click the OK button to get the Add MAC Filter Dialog window.

  5. Type the MAC address you want to block on the box, and click the Submit button

How to Whitelist a Specific MAC Address On JioFi?

To whitelist a MAC address, you need to activate the enable option in the MAC Address Filter Mode. Always remember to add the MAC address of your PC/SmartPhone first in the list.

Otherwise, JioFi will block your device from connecting to the wireless network.

It is because by activating the enable option, you are telling the JioFi router to allow only the MAC addresses submitted in the enable list to connect to the network.

Let us see the steps to create a list of MAC addresses that are allowed to connect to the JioFi network.

  1. Select the Allow option at the MAC Address Filter Mode

  2. Click on the Add button. Now you will see a warning from Jio 4G router.

    If you do not have your MAC address registered on the Allow entry list, you can't connect to your router. Are you sure you want to add a new MAC address to Allow entry?

  3. Click on the OK button to get Add MAC Address Filter dialog box.

  4. Always type the MAC Address of your Computer/SmartPhone first. Then click the Submit button.

I hope this tutorial is more than enough to try MAC address filtering on a JioFi device by yourself.

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If you have any doubts, you can write them in the comment section.

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