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Janardana Swamy Temple Varkala -Dakshin Kashi

Janardana Swamy Temple is situated in Varkala also called Dakshin Kashi. According to traditions (and also mentioned in Wikipedia), this temple is 2000 years old and the main deity is Lord Vishnu.
Lord Vishnu is called Janardana Swamy and this temple is a famous Hindu pilgrim center.
pictures of Janardana Swamy Temple Varkala

Janardana Swamy Temple is situated on the way to the famous tourist spot Papanasam beach.
Janardhana Swami Temple Pond is shown below.
image of Janardana Swamy Temple pond

Origin of Janardana Swamy Temple Varkala

According to traditions, this temple is built by Devas (gods) to recover from the curse by Lord Brahma for abusing him. According to this story, Narada (son of Lord Brahma) once visited his father who was invisibly followed by lord Vishnu. By understanding the presence of Lord Vishnu, Brahma deva bowed in front of him. However, Lord Vishnu was not visible to Devas present there and they thought lord Brahma was bowing his own son. They laughed by seeing it.

Lord Vishnu temple in Dakshin Kashi
This incident made lord Brahma furious and he cursed Devas. Repenting Devas asked pardon and according to the advice of Narada, they built a temple for Lord Vishnu at Varkala.
shailesh V and Sukumaran nair at Janardana Swamy Temple

How to Reach Janardana Swamy Temple

Janardana Swamy Temple situated 25 km from Trivandrum City. In order to reach the temple, you should stop at Kallambalam and the temple is 3 km away from there.



  1. This is one of the oldest Vishnu temples in Kerala according to traditions. According to Hindu traditions, here at Lord Janardana temple Devas get relieved of their sin and is also called Dakshin Kashi in Kerala.


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