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Evening at Varkala Papanasam Beach

Varkala Papanasam beach is one of the important tourist places in Kerala. In addition to a tourist spot, this beach is a famous pilgrim center. In tourism season you can see many international travelers at this beach.

Janardana Swamy Temple Varkala -Dakshin Kashi

Janardana Swamy Temple is situated in Varkala also called Dakshin Kashi. According to traditions (and also mentioned in Wikipedia), this temple is 2000 years old and the main deity is Lord Vishnu.

Golden Valley Tourist Spot near Trivandrum

This time we had a trip to Golden Valley tourist spot. As its name mentions, it is a good picnic spot for families and small teams.

Pradeep's Marriage at Palakkad

After celebrating Christmas, the next journey was to Palakkad to join Pradeep's marriage function.