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Vazhvanthol Waterfalls Near Kanithadam, Trivandrum

Vazhvanthol waterfall is situated near Kanithadam, Vithura and it is an emerging tourist destination for those who love trekking and site seen. 

We started our journey to Vazhvanthol Waterfalls from Trivandrum with a team of 15 members.
It is a nearly 45-kilometer journey (According to Google map the distance from Vazhvanthol Waterfalls to Trivandrum is 48 km) and it took more than one hour to reach the Kanithadam forest check post.

Forest Check post at Vazhvanthol waterfall

We need to pay entry charges for each person and vehicle.

Idol Worshiped by tribal people

Idol at Vazhvanthol Waterfalls

After getting permission we started our journey to waterfalls. It was wonderful trekking through a thick forest which we cannot forget in our life.
A journet to Vazhvanthol Waterfalls Trivandrum by Siju George

We need to walk 2.2 km from check post to Vazhvanthol waterfalls.
distance to Vazhvanthol photo by Siju

We found it is a beautiful spot to take some photos.
Photos at Vazhvanthol Waterfalls by Siju George

Vino, Siju George, Renjith

Sometimes we may need to take a rest.
Siju George

If you are really a fan of trekking, you cannot avoid the trip to Vazhvanthol waterfalls. Some of the photos we took are:
Trekking facility at Vazhvanthol Waterfalls

Vazhvanthol Waterfalls by Siju

A journey to Vazhvanthol Waterfalls
The route to Vazhvanthol Waterfalls is very adventurous.
Route to Vazhvanthol Waterfalls is very adventurous

We assure the bamboo bridge is very strong.
Vazhvanthol trip

Vazhvanthol trekking Trivandrum

Path to Vazhvanthol waterfalls Trivandrum

At Vazhvanthol Waterfalls

Finally, we reached Vazhvanthol Waterfalls. Though it is just a 2.2 km journey, we feel at least a 6 km journey. I would like to give you an advice, do not come here without food.

Vazhvanthol Waterfalls Trivandrum

There is a natural swimming pool at Vazhvanthol waterfalls.
Natural Swimming pool at Vazhvanthol Waterfalls

Some of us (including me ) managed to reach the top.

Vazhvanthol Waterfalls Near Kanithadam,  Trivandrum

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  1. A beautiful spot. We must popularize this waterfall more.


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