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How to Optimize Blogspot Template for More Search Traffic?

Blogspot is one of the most popular blogging platforms among bloggers. You may have noticed that our Blog is using Blogspot. It is very popular because Blogspot is free and very easy to use. However, while analyzing most of the Blogger templates (Blogspot) available in the market, I found some critical SEO issues. In this article, I explain the major SEO problems associated with Blogspot templates and teach you how to fix them. I create this article as one big checklist to improve the overall SEO optimizations you must do on your Blogger template to gain more web traffic from Search Engines to your blog. Once you have fixed the template issues, I guarantee you that your Blogger Blog will receive more traffic from Search Engines like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. Let me explain the common Blogspot template bugs, which prevent your blog from

Easiest Method to Watermark Photos On Windows Devices

Protecting the copyright of creative work is very difficult in this digital age. Protecting the pictures you upload on a website from other illegal use is more difficult. Once you publish a photo on a website or a social media profile, anyone can download it and re-upload it to other web media by claiming it as their work. How can we prevent others from illegally using the photos we took by claiming as their work? The best solution is to watermark the photos with our brand name. How to Fix Acer Aspire Laptop Random Freezing Issues? To watermark a picture, we do not need to use complicated photo editing tools like Adobe Photoshop or GIMP. We can watermark a picture on a Windows device very easily without the help of any complex Photo editing tools. In this tutorial, I teach you how to watermark a picture on a Windows 10 computer hassle-free. Have a look at the photo given below. I am going to watermark the image with our blog name SysToSys on a Windows 10 PC in different s

Ping Request Could not Find Host. Please Check the Name and Try Again.

Today I faced connectivity issues on my computer while trying to access my blog SysToSys. Though I could not load on my computer, the same blog opened on my other devices sharing the same WiFi connection. Which showed the Internet was working fine, but something wrong with my computer prevented loading my blog. I pinged my blog from the command prompt as part of the troubleshooting, but the command prompt showed an error message. The error message displayed on the command prompt as the reply for my ping request was: Ping request could not find host Please check the name and try again . I tried to ping to verify the error. When I pinged Google, I received the same error message. Ping request could not find host Please check the name and try again . I received the same ping reply while pinging Youtube too. So, I decided to ping the Google Public DNS IP address. You can see the result in the screenshot provid

Error 718: The Connection was Terminated because the Remote Computer did not Respond in a timely manner

Have you ever faced the connection error 718 while trying to authenticate your network? It is not a common error for broadband connections, but common for Internet connections which require multiple authentications. For those who are using Wireless dongles to access the Internet, also may see this error message. For example, if you use a VPN connection to access the Internet on your computer, you may get an error message with this error code. Let me show you which error message I received. I received the exact error message, Error 718: The Connection was Terminated because the Remote Computer did not Respond in a timely manner . Depends on the interface, error message may change, but the meaning is the same. Look at the screenshot of the error 718 below. I had a Huawei modem, and I was accessing the Internet using the Huawei Access Manager. Just like in the old dial-up connection messages, the Huawei Access Manager shows the option to redial. Though the redial didn&#

How to Change Default Blogger Post Font Size For Individual Page?

For those who are using Blogspot to create and publish blogs often wonder how to change the default Blogger post text font size. Many Blogspot bloggers use the default post font size set by the blog theme they have. Many Blogspot themes have a smaller font size for individual posts, and it is difficult to read. In this post, we share two different methods to change the default font sizes in every Blogspot blog theme. One of the methods to change the blog post content size is to create a div for each blog post. The second method is to specify a font size in the Blogger Theme Designer. Create a DIV to Change the Individual Blogspot Blog Post Font Size This method is best suited for changing the font size of individual Blogger Posts. Though it is a simple method, there is a drawback. In this method, you have to add the DIV you created in every post manually. That is why I said, this method is best suited for individual posts. Let me explain how to change the font size of

How to Change JioFi 4G Portable Device Password?

I believe you might have liked our JioFi related tips shared in the previous posts in SysToSys. Today I am sharing one basic level procedure to change the default JioFi device username and password with the help of pictures. Changing the default JioFi Modem password with a strong one is the first step in securing the device. Let me explain the procedure with the help of screenshots. Steps to Change JioFi Modem Password With Screenshots Switch on the JioFi modem Connect the JioFi modem and your computer either through wifi or through a USB cable. Type http://jiofi.local.html/ on the address bar of a browser and press the enter key Click on the login button. To find the login button, have a look at the right-hand top of the window. I have marked the login link in the screenshot. To login to the JioFi setup page, you need to enter the username and password. The screenshot provided below will show you the exact login window. You can see the default JioFi

How to Activate JioFi MAC Address Filter?

By default, JioFi WiFi portable router comes with WPA2-PSK wireless security and WES wireless encryption. Though the default wireless security is good enough, we can add more security to your JioFi network by activating MAC Address Filter. In this tutorial, you will learn how to enable MAC Address Filter on a JioFi Wireless portable router. To enable MAC Address Filter, you must connect your computer to the JioFi device. Though the below steps works in a wireless connection, I recommend you to connect Jio 4G router to PC using a USB cable. Steps to Enable MAC Address Filter On a JioFi Device Switch on Both Computer and JioFi router Type http://jiofi.local.html/ on the address bar of a browser and press enter button Click on the login button at the right-hand top of the window. Enter the current username and password to log in Default Username: administrator Default Password: administrator Click on Settings and click on Network tab To enable the MAC Addres