Monday, September 22, 2014

Fatal Injuries and After effects

Accidents and injuries are not uncommon in this mechanical world. Due to the importance of time, drivers keep riding their vehicles as fast as possible and get in to accents despite the drunken drive cases. Games like Football, Baseball, Basket ball etc are notorious for injuries and often we read news about the injuries of major players. We often forget the injuries once the victim recovered from it but do not understand the after effects of fatal injuries even if he physically recovered. Trauma caused by the accident can leads to both physical and emotional issues. One of the common after effect of such event is Chronic pain. Let us discuss a little about it in this article.

Any pain that lasts for more than a reasonable period of time is branded as Chronic pain. Doctors have different opinions about the time period but the majority of them agree with naming a pain that is not cured even after three months as chronic pain. Let us consider it with an example. One car driver recovered from an accident may feel pain for weeks even after discharged from hospital. It is normal because any accident is heavy and body needs time to recover from it. However, if he still feeling the pain even after months, it is the time to start treatment for chronic pain. According to, one of the popular pain management clinic in Ann Arbor, it can due to two reasons. Either emotional or physical or both.

Not only accidents but also health issues like lack of sleep, fatigue etc cause this medical situation. In a nutshell a body without healthy life style is also prone to this medical condition. Due to various reasons, treatment is a little complicated because sometimes it is very hard to identify the real reasons for this condition. If a patient come to clinic for diagnosis without an accident history, it takes a little bit time and patience to find out the exact reasons. If the Chronic pain is due to emotional reasons, it will take not only medicine but also proper emotional care to cure it. So a good physician must be an expert in both medicine and handling human mind. It is not rare to find this medical condition with patience with depression or drug history. So it is added advantage to have expertise in evaluation and detoxification of patients with drug abuse history.